"Founded in 1999, Archetype Gaming started as a competitive multi-division team named Suave Gaming. "Suave/smf" was comprised of some of the finest gaming talent North America had to offer.


As a whole, Archetype/Suave has accumulated numerous placements at the world's most prestigious eSports tournaments. 


Our community is involved in many philanthropic efforts through gaming, specifically ExtraLife. Since 2010, Archetype Gaming has raised over $103,000 for local Children's Miracle Network hospitals.


Currently, Archetype Gaming is very focused on those events that make a difference as well as streaming. By going to http://twitch.tv/team/archetypegaming you will be able to see a large majority of Archetype Gaming members playing games.


As Archetype Gaming becomes a larger organization, there will be a bigger focus on professional eSporting events again. Teams are beginning to form and you can look forward to seeing a bigger AG presense around the globe."