ExtraLife Update: 30 Days

Thu 25th Sep 2014 - 4:41am : Extra-Life

The ExtraLife 2014 event is a mere 30 days away! Are you ready? We just wanted to give you an update on where the Archetype Gaming ExtraLife team is. Archetype Gaming is, as of right now, in 6th place for most money raised out of every other team participating. That right there is an accomplishment in itself.

How did we get to 6th place? As you can see down in the screenshot, we have raised over $9,500 together already for Children's Miracle Network. Do I need to remind you how much money we raised total last year? We are over halfway to beating last year already. We also have 126 players signed up to play! This is just a testament to how amazing the Archetype Gaming community is and how dedicated they are to such a great cause. 

In the last 30 days before the ExtraLife event and the Archetype Gaming Annual LAN Party, we've got a challenge for you. Get one person to sign up for the event to play for the kids. How hard is that. It is our guess that you have at least one fried that isn't signed up for the event yet that also loves to play video games. Get that person to sign up. Imagine if every person that is currently signed up could get one more person to sign up. We would have almost 300 people playing and helping save kids' lives. 

This is it everyone! There are only 30 short days left until the event! How are you going to use them to make this the best event yet? And what are you going to do to save the lives of those kids?



Devon Schreiner

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