EchosAroundU takes 3rd in Divine Intervention II

Tue 4th Nov 2014 - 6:02pm : Tournaments : Event

On Sunday, Nov 3rd one of our very own Archetype streamers participated in the Divine Intervention II Tournament. DI2 included 30 teams from around the worldthat faced off in a Smite competition for in game prizes and bragging rights. This tournament is a Charity ProAm tournament that was hosted by to help support Child's Play and their global effort to improve the lives of children in hospitals.

EchosAroundU was assigned to Team iRaffer which was lead by the teachings of iRaffer himself.

Echos' gave us a writeup about each round

Round 1: Team iRaffer took on the well known Team Lassiz and won by a dominating performance from the entire team.

Round 2: Advancing into round 2 the team was faced with HiRezBart's Team a very well known and loved HiRez employee. The match was fought to the strengths of both teams but in the end Team iRaffer with the extreme hyper carry of iRaffer himself with Freya. This game was streamed on smitegame channel where over 4000+ viewers watched in anticipation of the tournament results. During this game EchosAroundU recieved a lot of praise from the annoucers for his dominating play as Rama to set up plays for his jungler.

Round 3: After defeating HiRezBart, Team iRaffer moved on to dominate in a match-up against non-other then HiRezKelly herself. After the fall of HiRezKelly, the team moved on to thier most difficult and only lose of the entire tournament in the semi finals.

Round 4: The team fought hard but with the lockdown performance of Team Penguinofdeath, it prevented any comeback from the underdog team of iRaffer. With the lose and dropping to the loser bracket to compete for Third Place.

Third Place Match: Team iRaffer found their way into a dominating performance against Team Jerbie which took runner up in saturdays tournament.

Following the fall of Team Jerbie, Team iRaffer was annouced as the Third Place winners for the Divine Intervention II Charity Tournament and winners of a Bronze Tiermonster Icon in-game and 400 Gems per team member. Team iRaffer was predicted to lose in Round 1 to Team Lassiz but with the dominating leadership from iRaffer and the shutdown performance of EchosAroundU in the duo lane finding himself multiple times prevailing in 2v1 fights, took the demanding workload off the rest of the team to focus on objectives.




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