Scarfino takes 2nd at Extra-Life United ($46,000)

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I'm not much of a writer, and emotions are hard to put down on paper, but here it goes!

I traveled to Orlando, FL on November 12-13th to compete at Disney for a large Extra-Life donation for my local Children's Miracle Network hospital (KU Medical Center).

Many games were played, starting with a 64 person DIVEKICK bracket filled with other Extra-Lifers from all across North America.

(Pictured above: Ryan Bosman, Greg Reynolds, Jonathan Griffith, Reed Scarfino)

I was able to make it out of the 64 person Divekick bracket to be one of 4 extra-lifers to continue to the next part of the touranment where 12 twitch personalities were introduced into the mix:

(Sevadus, Gassy Mexican, Actabunnifoofoo, SethBling, Timthetatman, Guude, Esper, Aureylian, Lolrenaynay, OMGitsfirefoxx, SiREN, and CaptainSparklez)

The first game we played was MINECRAFT where we were told to race to build a nether portal. I had played maybe a couple hours of minecraft before this tournament, and felt completely lost. A fellow extra-lifer named Suzi offered to help those of us who didn't know what we were doing by coaching us through the first round. She ran back and forth between our couches checking on us and helping with tips. Somehow I was able to find lava, water, and enough iron to make what I needed to build a damn nether portal. If she wasn't there to help me I wouldn't have gotten 2 points (which were EXTREMELY important by the end of the tournament).

The second game was TOWERFALL: ASCENSION. This game was fun! I made it to semifinals and was taken out by Greg, a fellow extra-lifer who was one of the four who made it into the second part of the tournament. I got 6 points for Towerfall.

The third game was NIDHOGG. Holy shit. This game was intense. I was able to make it pretty far, but was taken out by Actabunnifoofoo who took second in the game. I got 6 points for Nidhogg.

The fourth game was NBA2K15. We were told to play 1v1 blacktop, which basically means if you start with the ball and rush to the basket you'll score. It was first to 5 until finals. I made it past the first round by beating Aureylian, but was taken out by Esper in the second round. I got 2 points for this. I don't sportZbaLL well.

The fifth game was DIVEKICK. My jam. Or so I thought! I practiced with SiREN before the games and taught her some tricks for Dr. Shoals (who I, and pretty much everyone else played). I don't know if she used anything I taught her, but she whooped my ass! I took round 1 against Timthetatman, and lost to SiREN. I got 2 points for Divekick.

TIED FOR 2ND WHAT!? Gassy Mexican and I were tied at 18 points for 2nd place. Sevadus had a hefty lead ahead of us (24 I believe) due to him dominating Minecraft with 10 points.

I had to play Gassy Mexican in a best of 3 Divekick match. He chose Mr. N, I chose Dr. Shoals (of course). It was intense, but everybody was chanting REED REED REED as I was coming close to taking 2nd place home and $46,000 for KU Medical Center.


I made some lifelong friends at this event from around the nation (and canada!).

Getting to meet the Champion Kids from the hospitals around the country was great. They were all so cool and have been through more than most of us could even imagine (28 surgeries?!).


After our event was over, at the awards ceremony, we were able to announce that every CMN "Champion" kid got to take home a Playstation 4 from us. They were so happy. I had about 10 of the kids walk over to me and give me a hug thanking me for helping to save their life. I couldn't hold back the tears, and it was probably one of the best feelings i've ever had.

The Extra-Lifers got to visit Epcot one evening and hang out as a group. The last night of the event I got to hang out with a few guys from Twitch, the other streamers, Doc (founder of Extra-Life), and the Enmons (Tori's parents).

It was just such an amazing experience that I'll remember forever. I can't wait for next year!

Some of the Matches from the Extra-Life United Tournament




Reed Scarfino

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